Become an Umpire

How do I become a BVSUA official?

These are the things you must do to become an umpire in the BVSUA:

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Fill out BVSUA Registration form
  • Attend a field clinic (Mandatory – see important dates on the home page)
  • Take and pass the Rules test
  • Pay the BVSUA dues
    (amount depends on season you start)
  • Obtain an official uniform & equipment
  • Attend the monthly BVSUA meetings

The clinic is where you learn the mechanics of umpiring. This includes the proper way to make call & enforce rules; proper positioning for making calls; how to communicate with other umpires; and division of responsibilities during a game. The BVSUA prides itself on having the best umpires in the entire state – it is during these clinics that the foundation for this excellence is laid.

The rules test is a 100 question multiple choice open book test. To pass, you must score 70% or greater. The rules test is to make sure you understand the rules of the games (of course).

The dues are collected by the local association. A large portion of these dues pay for your membership, as well as providing for an insurance policy while engaged as a BVSUA umpire. Also, note, dues are are $20/Season.  Which means you only pay dues during the season you work unless you are a board member.  Board members pay a lump sum of $60/year to the local association.

For softball, official uniform consists of an official USA hat, official USA shirt, dark navy-blue slacks or ‘coaches shorts’, all black athletic shoes, ball/strike indicator, plate brush. For Basketball, Flag Football & Volleyball, official uniform is a black & white striped shirt, black shorts, no show socks and athletic shoes.  For kickball, official uniform consists of camo shirt or powder blue blank, black shorts/slacks (‘Dockers’ type is fine), black cap, black shoes, no show socks.

Note that the requirements of the field clinic, rules test, & dues must be met every year – all the umpires in the BVSUA must attend the clinic, take the test, and pay the dues to be eligible to call games during that year.

How much does umpiring softball games pay?

The pay rates for Bryan & College Station city league games (which make up the bulk of the games officiated by the BVSUA) are under contract. The pay rate under the current contract (2022) is:

Slow Pitch

Alt Sports

Fast Pitch

$24/game 1st year
$26/game 2nd year

$28/game 3rd year

$30/game 4th year

$25/game Kickball

$25/game Flag Football

$25/game Basketball

$25/game Volleyball

$22.50 6U/8U

$27.00 10U/12U/14U

This table assumes 2 officials per field/court per game. The rate for 1 umpire games is 50% more; except for girl’s FP.

Note that the pay raises for softball from year to year are not automatic. In order to receive the raise, you must meet all requirements and receive two good evaluations from the Training & Evaluation Committee.  After these have been met, your pay increase will come into effect the beginning of the new year.